Radiograph viewer is not functional on mobile devices.

To begin please choose an image from the scroll bar located below. You can also sort radiographs by breed, disease, stage, abnormality or by folder (“Case Study”). On the bottom right of your screen you will find icons for history (h), findings (f), and radiographic interpretation (ri).

The VHS tool is available on radiographs indicated with a heart symbol. Once you choose a VHS capable radiograph, click the heart found on the bottom left of your screen to activate the tool.

You can view two radiographs simultaneously by choosing your first radiograph, selecting the “two up” button, and then choosing your second radiograph.

For optimal viewing, go to full-screen mode by clicking the icon (double arrow). This mode allows you to pan, magnify, and grayscale process the images. Case information also can be read in this mode.

Radiograph Viewer