BlackieCase Background

Name Blackie
Age 13 years
Sex Female, spayed
Breed Feline, domestic short hair

Please review Blackie's clinical history.

Patient presented for apparent hind limb pain. The patient was ambulatory, had good femoral pulses bilaterally, and normal nail and footpad color.

View Blackie's right lateral radiograph
View Blackie's ventrodorsal radiograph  


Location of images: Thoracic radiographs obtained.

Views of images: Left lateral and ventrodorsal radiographs.


Technical issues: Reasonable and interpretable, but the right label is within the lung field obscuring the peripheral lung slightly and the cranial lung fields are excluded from the lateral view.

Cardiac size including VHS: VHS 7.2. Cardiac silhouette appears within normal limits.There is a normal vascular pattern, and a mild, diffuse bronchial pattern. This pattern is most easily seen in the area of the lateral cardiac silhouette apex.

Radiographic Interpretations: Normal cardiac silhouette with typical aging pulmonary changes.

 Other Findings: An echocardiogram revealed normal cardiac size and function. The patient was diagnosed with an anal glad abscess resulting in hind end pain.

 Discussion: Normal thoracic film for a thin aged cat.
Treatment/Management: No cardiac treatment needed.