Notre DameCase Background

Name Notre Dame
Age 9 years
Sex Male, neutered
Breed Feline, domestic short hair

Please review Notre Dame's clinical history.

Patient seems mildly exercise intolerant to the family, but has also gained 3 lbs over the pat 12 months. Patient has no history of cardiopulmonary disease previously.

View Notre Dame's right lateral radiograph
View Notre Dame's ventral-dorsal radiograph  


Location of images: Thoracic radiographs obtained.

Views of images: Right lateral and ventrodorsal views.


Technical issues: Good. could be collimated to exclude the abdomen.

Cardiac size including VHS: VHS 8.0. Cardiac silhouette appears mildly elongated, but a closer inspection reveals a lighter density in the pericardiacophrenic ligament and along the sternum that is suspected to be fat. The rest of the cardiac silhouette appears normal. Cardiac silhouette appears to be somewhat globoid and enlarged, but no specific chamber enlargement is identified. There is however a ring of a slightly lighter radiographic density around the silhouette, most pronounced over the left ventricle and left atrial appendage, but also present on the right side, a density consistent with adipose tissue overlying a soft tissue density (cardiac silhouette).No pulmonary venous congestion or arterial distension.Pulmonary infiltrate distribute diffuse.Pulmonary infiltrate pattern, very mild diffuse bronchial pattern.

Other Findings: An echocardiogram was performed and revealed normal cardiac size with pericardial, epicardial and sternal fat. Normal cardiac structure with excessive epicardial and pericardial fat.

Radiographic Interpretations: Normal cardiac structure with excessive epicardial and pericardial fat.

 Discussion: Normal cardiac structure with excessive epicardial and pericardial fat.
Treatment/Management: Reduced caloric intake.